“Indy-garage”… that's what I play." Jim Rezac 

Jim won Best Theme Song for a Fictional Podcast for his "Theme to Muckey Landing" at the international event, New Jersey Web Fest 2021.   (The podcast itself went on to win Outstanding Comedy as well).   

In Sept. 2023, his song, "Trying 2 Be An Angel" was picked up by a feature film for release in 2024. (the movie is 'Meathook'...I'm not making that up!)

Jim Rezac is a different kind of songwriter.  From Delaware, he's  been playing guitar all his life.  But it wasn't until a dozen years ago that the writing bug bit him.  He hasn't recovered yet.  When the First State musician isn't helping others enjoy the guitar at his humble studio in Wyoming, DE....he's writing.  And writing some more.

Rezac has performed at venues such as The Bitter End (NYC), The Avalon Theater (Easton, MD), Wilmington Grand (Wilm., DE) The Rockshop Performance Arts Center (Camden, DE) and Songwriter Showcases in NJ, PA, MD, and DE.  He's played MusikFest (Bethlehem, PA) for a number of years now and has been featured on local WBOC-TV about half a dozen times, recently.  His songs & lyrics have been describe as 'honest' ... 'powerful'.  And that's good enough, Jim says.

Musikfest, a 10-Day festival in Bethlehem has become a favorite showcase for the songwriter.  He's been their four times already.   For 2023, Jim was on the Main Street Stage as well as THREE other stages!!

Please drop us a line to tell us how you found Jim...look for "Tryin 2 Be An Angle" in the movie, Meathook in 2024... check out his monthly releases on Spotify.   And, if you would like him to perform at, open for, or host an event or songwriting circle in your area, please reach out at jim@jimrezac.com  or 302.632.7282. 

Rezac would love you to join his FB Private Group, The Fillin' Station (where you'll be an official 'grease monkey') find him @ Jim Rezac Music.   

In the meantime, please enjoy just a few of Jim Rezac's original tunes on Spotify or YouTube.

Thanks again!

Peace, Love, TeIes & Gretsches!   
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