Coming! 2025!!  Jim's song, ‘Tryin’ 2Be An Angel' will be featured in the feature horror flick, MEATHOOK (Cutting Floor Films/Jermey Ashley)   After writing an award winning song for an award winning podcast, this was the next logical step for the Delaware songwriter.

Tryin 2 Be An Angel

Jim Rezac

I felt this was the edgiest song I had recorded at the time. All done in my humble little home studio...and before I knew too much. But the unsettling aspect of the production spoke to writer/director Jermey Ashley. I won't give away too much....but the scene it is to be used in is a perfect fit, in my humble opinion.

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It fits great with the scene because there's a certain unsettledness to the song that really helps to accentuate the suspense. ” - Jermey Ashley/Director "Meathook"


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