My father bought a station wagon back in 1966
Use to take us driving on a Sunday through the Delaware sticks
Yeah my sister and my brother riding in the back
Watching 20 miles of railroad track
Disappear behind them like a poem that was way too long
While my dad tapped on the steering wheel and whistled an American song

My cousins came from New York every summer and we'd all sleep in tents
Never saw my uncle without the pork pie hat on his head
Yeah he and my dad would talk late into the night
Wondering if the world would ever be right
While us kids were upstairs laughing and fighting and carrying on
Singing different verses of the same American song

Second jobs, second shifts
second chances just like this
And not a second left to hate
American dreams and American plans
electric guitars in American bands
We were already great

My friend Salma came here when she was just 18
She worked hard, loved her new country, helped her neighbor, caught the American Dream
Every now and then she puts sneakers on
Runs smiling down the street in some marathon
And every now and then she gets to go back home to Qaraoun, Lebenon
Where she sings them her own version of a brand new American song
Yeah, she singing an American Song

Sing, sing, sing an American Song
Sing, sing, sing an American Song
Sing, sing, sing an American Song