The Spark of Youth brought us together... I say we light that match again!”

— Jim Rezac

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Jim Rezac is an original singer songwriter from The First State....Delaware!   As a kid, Jim started playing the guitar but didn't start writing songs until about 9 yrs ago and after joining a 5 piece band that had 2 songwriters already.   He hasn't put the pen down since.

To say Rezac focuses on just the lyrics or just the melody would be inaccurate.  The songwriter admits that it sometimes takes a 'few walks around the block' (thank you, Doug James!) to get the perfect mixture of a haunting melody and maybe that lyric that causes the corner of your mouth to slowly head north.

Jim has performed at The Bitter End in NYC, The Avalon Theater in Easton, MD, The Wilmington Grand, and has begun to perform more festivals....most recently, Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and Shazizzle Fest  and Ohmfest, both in Delaware.  Jim has just recently been hired as Musical Director for a brand new podcast: Mucky Landing: a sort-of Podcast Experiment, composing all the shows' music.

If you are ever in Kent Co Delaware make sure to drop into his humble studio in Wyoming ... The old Ice House by the tracks.   Until then, Jim will catch you on the road...

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