Shazizzle Fest!

Had the opportunity and good fortune to perform at the Inaugural Shazizzle Festival at Blue Earl Brewing in Smyrna yesterday!  This was a wonderfully diverse musical labor of love of Ronnie Price (Blue Earl founder) and Jeremy Hebbel (Gable Music Ventures).  And I cannot say enough about how fun it was.

If you were a musician, you got to catch up with axe slingers, drummers, sound techs, and vocalists from years ago to yesterday.  I personally chatted with guys who were mere kids and remember catching a band I was in or talking at B&B Music when I worked there yrs ago.  I got to see, hear, and talk to the fabulous and always hip Norris Bro (Single Origin)....the Divine Ms L was there with her band (Lauren & the Homewreckers... go to FB and check 'em out).  They had their brand new bassist.  Lauren also finished the acts on the Juke Stage (indoors) with her friend..and yours... Danielle from Hoochi Coochi.  

And to all the others (there were 25 musical acts...different genres...from soloists to full horn bands)...amazing job!!

The inside stage, or Juke Stage stayed nice and packed.  Thank you to all you concert goers who took a seat...ordered some food...and sat and listened to us play.  We appreciate you.

But the logistics of the outside were handled like veterans!  There was never 'dead air'.  Ronnie was introducing the next band to play...on the stage opposite the concert area...JUST as the last chord was still ringing from the last song of the previous act.  Good job.   The music flowed!   And the parking was handled like champs.

I am already looking forward to next year!   Please feel free to chime in with your experience, if you were there.....Shazizzle My Festivvall  (see what I did there?)

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