Day 1: " name is Jim and I'm a gear addict."

(All) "Hi, JIm!"

That's me.  It all started so innocently.  A surprise electric guitar that I didn't even ask for in sophomore year of high school.  A cheap blowout Super Fuzz that I paid about $40 for (one of those old 'organ' shops wanted to be hip and sold guitar accessories and cheap electrics you never hear a mall. Rule #14: NEVER buy guitar gear in a mall) I am some XX years later ( a redacted mood these days).  More guitars than I need (but it was NEVER about the need, ri' right?) and enough pedals..........expensive to really cheap ass pedals... to power a small town in Delaware....if pedals were actually a source of power. (haven't had coffee yet)

This first post will be uncharacteristically brief.  That statement will make more sense later.  But as an introduction let me just say this....I'd like to share with/engage/listen to/start up a little community of fellow junkies.  Whether you do this in you basement all the time....get out occasionally and play in public.... have played forever or just started.  I have an affinity for anything Old Skool but dig the new stuff too.  Want to share how gear....recording, pedals, guitar rig, pedals, amps, weird electronic stuff...and did I say Pedals? us make, create, and explore.  Please tune in ... show up....comment...join in...and let's talk Gear N Guitars.