Jim Rezac has come to describe himself as more of a 'painter' than the 'story-teller' when it comes to writing songs.  For years the New York born, Delaware raised musician thought it was all about the lyrics.  But then Rezac discovered what he calls that 'magical combination' of melody and word...to convey what each, separately, cannot.   And, in his humble studio by the tracks...in Wyoming, DE...that's what he strives for.

 A guitar player since middle school...but only writing since 2011, Jim has performed his original music at places like The Bitter End in NYC, The Avalon Theater, MD, and Wilmington's The Grand Opera House.   In December of 2018, Jim joined the Nashville Songwriters Assoc. Int'l (NSAI).  In February, just 2 months later,  he was invited to join 3 other songwriters of it's Philadelphia Chapter for a Songwriter in the Round.

Jim continues to write and perform his original music and is looking to play a house concert, venue near you.



Gretsch 6120W,

One-of-a-kind..dragged-behind-a-truck Tele

Baden Acoustic

Gretcsch Rancher Acoustic (with a Bigsby, Boy-ee!_


Homemade Cigar box w/ Danelectro Lipstick 

Backlund Rockerbox (NICE!)